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Regulatory Bulletin

The Regulatory Bulletin is a targeted communication to assist services in understanding how specific requirements and processes fit into the overarching aged care regulatory framework. It articulates expectations and underlying reasons for the Commission's approach.

Use the links to access previous issues of the Regulatory Bulletin:


Issue no. 2019-8.0 Regulation of physical and chemical restraint
Issue no. 2019-7.1 Reconsideration of regulatory decisions
Issue no. 2019-6.1 Regulatory decision making
Issue no. 2019-5.1 Aged Care Quality Standards performance assessment methodology
Issue no. 2019-4 Responding to non-compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards
Issue no. 2019-3.2 Exclusion of specific dates for unannounced visits
Issue no. 2019-2.2 Assessment Contacts in residential aged care
Issue no. 2019-1.3 Serious Risk

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Friday, 18 October 2019 - 12:52pm